Who am I?

… And why in the first place?

My birthplace Itzehoe is approx. 60km north of Hamburg 40km east of the North Sea coast and 15km south of Wacken. The characteristic characteristics of these places have greatly shaped my childhood and youth:

Schleswig-Holstein was once called “Land of Horizons,” today officially the “real north.” In addition to mountain garness, the landscape is characterized mainly by a lot of plated land, fresh air and magnificent nature-forests, water, wild animals. Summer is the best day of the year, otherwise it is usually spring or autumn on the same day. This also does something with the mentality of people who can have complex conversations exclusively using the words “moin,” “jo” and “Tüdelkram.” Fish rolls, preferably with Matjes, belong to the staple food and were able to justify an exceptional day even in my vegan phases. In general, the Nordmann/woman does not take many things as hot as it is cooked, lets fives be straight, is patient and sufficent.

At the Itzehoer Fraunhofer Institute, among other, the MP3 was invented, this technology-savvy spirit infected me at a young age; At the age of 11, I first disassembled a computer-and successfully reassembled it, at the age of 18, I became self-employed as a web designer. In addition, thanks to the Internet high-speed cable located here, whose long way through the Atlantic ends in Itzehoe, we were almost the first in the country of DSL. As a digital revolver hero, I also spent many hours playing PC games.

From Itzehoe come some well-known musicians, Wacken has been home to one of the biggest metal festivals in the world for many years. Here, too, I was infected: One of the first photos of the little quay shows him standing under the piano of his parents “concert piano, a little later he attended the classical piano lessons of the local adult education center for a good ten years and toured with his Teacher by Schleswig-Holstein. Much later, by chance, I discovered my current music idol Frank Turner on the radio; Fascinated by this, I wished for a guitar for the next birthday and started to learn the bonfire sprums autodidactically. Smaller performances are the exception, but in the private circle the strings rarely remain calm.

I belonged to the last vintage, whose male representatives for military service had to go to the patterning and either actually serve nine months with the Bundeswehr, could alternatively refuse and choose civilian service or were retired for unfit. I chose Option B and graduated my year after graduating from high school in the kitchen of a Catholic retirement home. A very valuable time in which I not only gained culinary and organizational experiences, but above all learned to love getting up early. I also grew up as the son of restaurateurs and was able to fry my own fried egg when I was four years old, even better I was able to burn my fingers in the big kitchen. several times.

After the Abi I wanted to get out, see and experience something new as possible. It was only Potsdam. Here I studied sociology and political/administrative sciences at the University of Potsdam, engaged for a year in the student representation AStA as a speaker for press and public relations and lived in the small, comfortable, touristically optimised Berlin satellites. In the large neighbouring city, I then pursued my Master’s degree in Future Research at the Free University of Berlin and became one of the first in Germany to have completed this rather new academic field. In between, I founded the alumni association “Chapter 21: Future Research” with a handful of fellow students, worked on a great research project of the University of Economics and Law under the direction of Prof. Dr. Birgit Felden, and ultimately wrote my master’s thesis on “Disruptive Development ‘ Free Public Transport ‘: Utopia or plausible future?” At the Deutsche Bahn Group. Ironically, the long-distance bus market has been liberalised in parallel and hardly anyone in the group has even come close to expecting what the market opening for Flixbus and Co. In a few years will mean … Except me.

One day after the oral examination for the Master of Arts Future Research, a fellow student and I swung on our bikes, packed tents and provisions and cycled from Potsdam/Berlin about 2300 kilometers across Germany and France. The whole thing lasted four weeks and is one of the most valuable experiences of my life.

After graduation, I first made a stopover as an innovation and marketing manager in a small Berlin publishing startup. Then I ended up at the Leipzig 2b AHEAD ThinkTank and made sure that the newly founded field for trend studies with scientific methodology worked just over four years. At the beginning of 2016, I started to leave the think tank in the coolest city in East Germany occasionally for keynotes. I quickly realized that these outdoor missions give me a lot of pleasure and the feedback was consistently positive. From 24 appearances in 2016, the number of speeches rose to 59 in 2017. The following year, 2018, it was 72 pieces … In addition to the full-time job as a senior researcher an almost impossible challenge, had it not been for a great team on the side of 2b AHEAD and the 5 star agency.

Well, in the spring of 2019, the time has come and I dare to step into self-employment. The view is tense and optimistically towards the future, tailwind in the sails and the horizon firmly in focus.

Futuristic Greetings
Kai Gondlach

Kai Gondlach

Master of Arts Future Research
Expert for futurology and passionate
keynote speaker.

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Write to me! Request for an appearance, workshop or contribution - or simply feedback. I am looking forward to your mail!