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Here I write about topics that concern me and which I think also interest a wider audience. Unfortunately, the time of a futurologist is also limited, which is why there will probably never be enough reading material here for all those who get lost here. Please write me a topic that interests you, and I will include it in my text queue.

Sapiens 2.0 – Short ride into the future of humanity

Exponential technological progress, globalized economy, change in values and demographics... what does this mean for Homo Sapiens in the near future? A global galactic attempt to think about the future of our species. The evolution of man was largely shaped by key...

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Automation does not destroy jobs. Employers do.

There are always statistics and forecasts about the destruction of jobs and/or the destruction of jobs. jobs as a result of the current wave of automation and artificial intelligence by the media. Please do not believe any of them. All nonsense. Fancy a little pinch...

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Why the Hyperloop is attacking Lufthansa, not the railways

Pipe mail for passenger transport. Sounds a bit like "Darling, I've shrunk the kids"? The idea of a magnetic pull in a vacuum tube system – the principle of hyperloop – is not new, but due to the technological hurdles, it was, of course, a utopia for more than a...

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New Work: New Work in the Age of Digitalization

What is actually behind the concept of "New Work"? What does new work mean to you as a recruiter, entrepreneur or employee? A quick ride through the beautiful new world of work. Definition As it should be for a pseudo-scientific contribution, I would first like to...

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The renaissance of the internal combustion engine

"People who are believed to be dead live longer," Albert Einstein or Mark Twain once said. The list of empirical examples cited for this may soon be extended by a candidate that no one really expects: the internal combustion engine. Electromobility is the new religion...

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Retail / Retail of the Future

Are the inner cities dying out soon? no. In the future, anyone will be able to stroll around the pedestrian zone at all, when we can comfortably enjoy all consumer requirements on our tablet online or from the couch. mobile and supply us with drones? Probably yes. A...

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Death to private transport! Long live private transport!

The recently ignited mobility debate about "free public transport" or "free public transport" makes trend researchers take turns smiling and shaking their heads. Starting from different political camps, the topic pops up in a regular ity and then disappears very...

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The 5-6 phases for autonomous mobility

In this short post I would like to fill the phases / levels of autonomous mobility with a little more life. If you read this, you have certainly already encountered diagrams such as the following, which shows the five phases (sometimes six, incl. of the "zeros") for...

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The political debacle of the established

Andrea Nahles, (now) former head of the SPD parliamentary group and party and former Federal Labour Minister and SPD general secretary, has resigned. CDU chairman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (#akk) is likely to be voted out soon. The Grand Coalition (#groko) is shaking...

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Forget the word "car"

Every child now knows that the technical equipment that we still call a car will soon be driving across the streets without a driver. And yet there is one more thing missing from the broad discussion: scope. Apart from the organization and technology of self-driving...

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The Age of Exnovation

Innovation was yesterday. Few today know the difference between incremental and disruptive innovation. But it doesn't matter either, because much more important is in the 21st In the 19th century, the ability to exnovate. Homo sapiens and Innovation Our species, the...

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Omninet: The Future of the Internet of Things (IoT)

You know the Internet of Things or The Internet of Things. (Industrial) Internet of Things and wonder where the journey is headed? Let us ask future research! Short history of the Internet In times of digitalization, no one can get past computer topics. But moment!...

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